We believe extra-curricular activities play a very important role in the life of our pupils and of the school. We offer a variety of clubs for our pupils to join and enjoy after school. In addition, many of our pupils also learn a musical instrument.

After School Clubs will begin after October half term.

Applications for clubs are managed via the SIMS parent app. Parents and carers will receive notification when applications are open for clubs for the next half term. Parents and carers will be invited to apply for clubs for their child via this app. Following the closure of the application period, parents and carers will receive confirmation of the clubs that their child has been allocated.

Spring 2 Term 2023Year GroupRun ByClub NameDay
Reception Ms VerrallSketchingTuesday
ReceptionMs BhattacharyyaReadingTuesday
Year 1 Ms HaranPhonicsWednesday
Year 1Ms AnnisonPhonicsWednesday
Year 1Ms MaxwellPhonicsWednesday
Year 2Ms PatelMindfulnessTuesday
Year 3Ms HodgesCodingThursday
Year 4Ms WaltersMultiplication MonstersWednesday
Year 5 Ms KharbandaChessWednesday
Year 5Ms PalmerSkilful SewingThursday