Cricket, Duke of Edinburgh and Feedback



It continues to be a brilliant summer term at Whitefriars School. Years 5 and 6 performed brilliantly in the inter-school cricket competition. They also represented our school brilliantly in borough athletics at Bannisters and did particularly well in the 75m, 600m, relay and javelin. As always, it is effort and perseverance that makes the difference and our pupils have demonstrated this once again.

There are lots of great clubs taking place this half term. To name only a few, primary section pupils are enjoying Korfball, Art and Storytime and secondary section pupils are enjoying Volleyball, STEM, Netball and Debating. Involvement in house competitions remains very high, it was lovely to see the pupil’s engagement in this week’s house assembly when they found out the current points total for each house.

Year 9 have their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition this weekend. An important, lovely and life changing experience. It looks like the weather will remain warm and sunny. Tomorrow Year 12 pupils are visiting Kings College in London to watch a play to supplement their Classics learning.

Year 11 complete their GCSEs on Thursday. Well done everyone, you are almost there. We have written to Year 11 families about the results day and sixth form enrolment arrangements and the support that we will provide in August regarding next steps.

Your opinions really matter to us. We have sent a survey to all our parents and carers which we kindly ask you to complete. We are relentless in our desire to provide the best education and opportunities for our pupils and your feedback will really aid this. Thank you and have a good week.