Mindset, Exams and Caterpillars


At all entrances to our school, there is a sign that proudly reads ‘We are a Growth Mindset School’. It is a large and constant reminder that school achievements and qualifications are not pre-determined at birth and do not have to result from background. It’s great teaching, fantastic support and EFFORT that makes a difference to educational outcomes. Year 6 have most definitely been putting lots of effort into their SATS this week and have demonstrated resilience, determination and huge amounts of positivity. Well done Year 6!

Next week the exam season starts for Year 11. We are continuing to provide a plethora of in-house support. Normal lessons will continue until the final examination in each subject, there is free breakfast each day and daily revision classes prior to each examination. We are there to support the pupils every step of the way.

EYFS children have been looking after their very own caterpillars. This week there is lots of excitement as they have now become chrysalises and soon the children will see them becoming butterflies.

Year 12 Psychology pupils are in Monkey World in Dorset today learning about animal psychology. Our GCSE residential to Berlin and A-Level residential to Barcelona for next academic year are about to be launched. Lots of amazing opportunities!

Enjoy the warmer weather this week.