Pupil Council

Whitefriars School is more than 100 years old. We are in a federation with Heathland School and we share the same Headteacher.

At Whitefriars we have a very active Pupil Council. We collect the views of the pupils in our classes. We share what pupils have said when we have our Pupil Council meetings at least every half term. We make sure that our school is a place that everyone does their best and wants to come to every day. The Pupil Council gets elected every year in June. There are 2 representatives from every class in Key Stage 2 and 3.

Our Pupil Council works together with the Pupil Council at Heathland School to help to raise lots of money for international, national and local charities. These include Comic relief, UNICEF and Children In Need. During 2015-2016 our chosen charities were Ali’s Dream, funding research into brain tumours in children, and Jack’s Place, the children’s ward at Northwick Park Hospital. Both charities received just over £1000 each.

We talk to our classes about lots of other different things like which topics they enjoy best or what suggestions they have regarding school or charity fundraising ideas.

We go on Health and Safety walks around the school with the Site Manager and we feedback what we find out to the Directors.

Every year we make contact with our local MP and visit the Houses of Parliament. This is a great way to find out how councils and government work.

Being a Pupil Councillor is a very popular role here at Whitefriars and we really enjoy being part of it.


Year GroupCouncillorCouncillor
Year 2TamiraMubashir
Year 3ImranAradhya
Year 4DanielAlexia
Year 5AshazMaariya
Year 6Abdur RahmanHilal