Reception Heroes, Digital Break and Ancient Greek Theatre




I hope everyone enjoyed the long bank holiday weekend.

One of the unique elements of our through-school is that all pupils from Nursery to Sixth Form take part in weekly Special Mention assemblies. The celebration transcends the whole school. This is where we reward pupils for embracing our growth mindset and for making huge efforts to live by our values. Last Friday I had the honour of watching the EYFS ‘Reception heroes’ receive their awards for all their efforts last week. It was so inspiring. The pupils also loved finishing their assembly with their weekly happy dance. We regularly remind our pupils that it is effort and hard work that make the difference. We believe in the limitless capacity for everyone to achieve great things. Well done to the Reception classes!

I am so proud of the eighteen Year 9 pupils who are taking part in our digital break. They will be giving up their smart phone for eighteen days in order to raise money for charity. Pupils do not have access to their smart phones in school time and these pupils will be extending this to their home life as well. This is a positive initiative from these pupils and the school to raise awareness of the concerns that too much screen time can bring. They will be documenting their experiences and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

Primary section pupils are really enjoying this half term’s clubs. Year 3 are learning origami and Year 4 are being inspired by Ancient Greek Theatre. Year 7 had a fabulous time at Legoland last Friday and took part in some engaging and innovative robotics workshops.

Our wonderful teachers have been doing some great work further developing our curriculum and you will hear more about this soon. Watch this space.

Have a great week everyone.